So, when I decided that I needed a new oyster piece of jewelry, I went straight to the Mark Lexton Collection website to shop. On November 29, I placed an order, on the website, for a 14kt oyster pendant and cord. Well, after placing the order, I decided that I would rather have the 35" pearls...not the same price....emailed Lisa..No problem was her response...I then decided that I wanted the pearls to be 36", the next day I changed my mind and wanted to keep the 35"..... During this entire mind changing process, Lisa just said..whatever you want...Well, a couple of days later, my beautiful pearls, with the oyster clasp, arrived at my door, all 35" wrapped for Christmas....I, of course, unwrapped them so that I could wear them to work the next day!

I am going to order the 14K oyster pendant and cord next!

The best customer service that I have ever had! Thank you Lisa.

Catherine L. Rivers

Jim loves his foxmask cufflinks! I worried a little because i'm the foxhunter, not him, but he loves them and has gotten compliments on them! Thank you!

C. Microutsicos

Just wanted to let you know that the oyster jewelry was a hit on all fronts… They all loved it and it made my shopping EASY… Thanks so much for all of your help!!! Hope ya’ll have a great 2013.

B. Cain NC